King County Transit Instruction Program

King County Metro is making several services available to individuals with disabilities free of charge.  You will find the services outlined below, along with contact information, if you would like to refer someone for training.

Program Goal:  Facilitate the independence of individuals with an IEP or a 504 plan who may be Developmentally Disabled or Physically Disabled by teaching them the skills required to utilize public transportation.

Transit Instruction categories of work:

Individual Training

One-on-One training to/from a specific origin and destination

System Training

 One-on-One training to learn overall use of the entire bus system using Rider Information Office, bus schedules, On-line Trip Planner, etc.

Lift/Ramp Training

 One-on-One training to learn how to board Metro and Sound Transit buses with a mobility aid; training is conducted on an out-of-service bus so that the individual has the opportunity to practice using the lift/ramp numerous times

Group Training & Field Trips

A classroom style training which is designed to be an introduction to using the bus/rail systems; target populations are Special Education; each classroom presentation is followed by a field trip to reinforce what was discussed in the classroom


Presentation to local community agencies/organizations to introduce Transit Instruction to the staff and/or family members who support potential trainees

For more information

Visit King County Accessible Services website for more information or to request training.